The story
FormZero aims to be the world's largest web platform that helps organize individual's information and documents, to share in the form of applications, with the least possible effort. The founders had a tough time filling forms for their passport application. Soon after, the applications for the visa followed. They noticed that a lot of information was repeated through these forms.
In 21st century, each individual carries a lot of information with themselves and has to repeatedly write, key-in or type for different sets of applications and registrations. An observed moment of epiphany, created FormZero, with a broad vision to reduce the huge pile of paper and clutter of application processes and organize Individual's information and documents in a streamlined manner, accessible easily.
The Challenges
This high-aiming startup wanted a cross-cultural brand identity that worked across borders, religions and languages. The brand itself had an image of being that unique 'Universal Form', filling which would transfer information to all others forms, as and when required. This image needed to be reflected within their logo as well.
The personality current identity was not transferring seamlessly to different mediums. The identity also needed to be usable as a pattern for brand packaging and other collaterals, in the future.
The Solution
With such a well-thought out brand promise and an ever-evolving, multi-cultural audience, we decided to go back to evolution of language. Early (human) documented language had an initiation with pictograms, conveying information across cultures and states. The same inspired us to focus on a brand logotype that transcends languages.
Sans-serif type was employed to finish the identity with the digital reference. For collaterals, different sizes of FormZero's mark were integrated together to communicate the FormZero Brand's Physique, Personality and Culture. This reflected various walks and voices of information, bringing a sort of subtle playfulness to an otherwise smart & clean design.
The Inspiration
Organisation of individual Information & Documents
The Idea is to reduce the huge pile of paper and clutter that has become of today's application processes.
The Concept
The Identity Design
Kept it simple & smart! With such a wide audience to identify with, the brand image took inspiration literally from the name - Form & Zero, Form depicted by a sheet of paper, folded from either sides with Zero signifying the circle of life.
formzero-logo-old formzero-logo-new-flat
fz-typography01 fz-typography02

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"Sparklin's approach to our rebranding was very methodical. It enabled the participation of everyone on Team FormZero in the rebranding process. Their ability to mould and tweak the designs as per the client's specs is quite commendable. The branding collaterals and stationary delivered by them were wonderfully in sync with our idea of FormZero brand identity."

Sadaf, CEO of FormZero