Brand identity, UI, UX & Custom e-commerce solution
The story
ClosetOnset was founded in late 2013 to showcase highest quality fashion wear for the women of today. When the team approached us, their commitment and passion was quite evident. They had already received sign-offs from the best in the Indian Fashion circuit and their stocks were getting filled by the clock.
Since most of their collection showcased premium products, the focus had to be on visual storytelling. Sparklin handled the brand identity, strategy, design and technology for the e-commerce platform.
The Challenges
While interviewing the core ClosetOnset team and conducting our initial research, a few pointers were distinctly visible. The premiumness of the platform demanded a certain uniqueness to itself. High value of each product had to be conveyed through sophisticated storytelling.
Subsequently, we observed that tablets, primarily iPad, were the most used medium for online shopping for the women amongst our target segment. Moreover, a platform showcasing premium fashion wear required a mark that promised a future of a cult brand.
The Solution
Many women were looking to shop on ClosetOnset on a tablet (iPad in most cases). The platform grids were designed specially with portrait and landscape structuring of the device. A visual strategy was devised to converse a premium yet engaging language.
A minimal brand identity derived from the accord between the Sun and the space around it, with the essential elements denoting a lyrical relationship and sun being the centre of attraction. The CO mark translated further into another lyrically set pattern for collaterals and packaging.
Brand Type
Info Type
Brand Colors
closet-color-1 closet-color-2
The Web Platform

Since the platform showcased collections by celebrated fashion designers, a separate segment was conceived to introduce the brains and their life story behind these remarkable creations. Visuals were further highlighted and made available for detailed viewing via an easy click-to-zoom feature.

Inspiration was borrowed from a famous social visual sharing website (browsed by our target segment - women) to devise the navigation patterns. The dashboard structuring was inspired by a commonly browsed social networking website for easier product additions.


We were aware that the design of Closet Onset has to be clean, sophisticated yet modern. The intent was to have the fashion products as the strongest elements on every page. Large images and small bodies of text made the site more visual.


A unique segment introduces fashion enthusiasts to celebrated fashion designers, showcasing their collections on the platform. A quick info-piece narrates the designer's life-story and inspirations behind the collection.


The team behind Closet Onset has a broader vision: a singular, sophisticated fashion destination for the women of today.

The Difference Made

We knew these high-value fashion products needed to come alive in a way that would entice the enthusiasts to probe further. The image is perhaps the most prominent factor in contributing to this action and highlighting the details.


We designed for an intutive experience, with a smaller learning curve. Try hovering your mouse on the image to view the zoomed version.


Building a client-friendly CMS from ground up, integrated with a smooth user experience, was one of the primary technical challenges with Closet Onset. Essentially, the technology focus was on desktop site, tablet site and PHP based CMS.

The styling and interaction of frontend elements was designed in accordance with the overall design cycles. Our developers being greatly responsible for some really remarkable touches that were born straight in code.

tech-css tech-php
Custom Implementation

Closet Onset was designed and developed from ground up, inherently meant to be managed and run without any use of technical understanding. Even through the CMS, we added intuitive visual gestures and interactions to assist in easier maintenance.

custom cms-wysiwyg

To be managed without technical understanding, we designed a custom CMS.

E-commerce Dashboard

All the essential statistics would show straight on dashboard for assisted management.

Add first outfit-Intuitive visuals

Easier maintenance demanded visual clues, easily understood by one and all.

multiple promo customisation

Discount codes are essential to an e-commerce site. We added multiple customizations.

wysiwyg text editor

Edit the content like a word file. WYSIWYG was more than a pre-requisite.

Elegant shopping experience

A human-oriented approach to shopping cart.


We have a confession to make. Before working on Closet Onset, we had little idea about the vastness and passion involved with the word - Fashion. Closet Onset made us realize the economy of fashion and how this competitive market requires unique assets to stand tall amongst the rest. We understood the complete process, right from business discussion with designers, to stocking, marketing and finally, shipping the product.

We discovered a unique facet of intuitiveness and attention to detail with this project. Overall, this site was designed more in experience and less on interface, only realized by the time final deliverables were shared.